Welcome to the Friends!

The Friends of Wicklewood School are a group of volunteers with children at the school that aim to raise additional money for items that the Council would not normally fund. For example, we have funded the building of an outdoor classroom, sun shades, an outdoor water fountain, outdoor play equipment, a new stage and PA equipment for school plays and much more!

We meet once a term to discuss fund raising activities and are always keen for new members to join us and help volunteer.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, help, assist or just come along to meet new people. Click here to contact us!


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Upcoming Events
  • Race Night - 5th Oct

    More details to come, but we are planning a Race Night in the school hall (virtual horse race). This will be instead of a formal ball and one of our main fundraisers for the year

  • Christmas Party - 7th Dec

    Knock-Out Entertainment (Oliver & Kate Garwood who run the self defence classes) will be providing the children's Christmas party, funded by the Friends. KS1 will be 18.00-19.00 and KS2 from 19.15 - 20.45.

Please help us raise more money for the school by using the Amazon link below and at the bottom of the page when shopping from Amazon - we will get the commission from the sale at no cost to you.